"Monica Nelson is an angel. When we are working out and I think I have no more to give, she just sends her good energy my way and I get the job done. She is sweet, smart, and has a smile that reaches my inner core. Her goodness and strength get me through many tough, grueling workouts.  I also enjoy all her Moni Meals and my new favorite thing in the world is her Kale Chips, Thanks to you Moni!'
Cheryl Tiegs, Super Model/Designer- Bel Air, CA
"I have been training with Monica Nelson for nearly three years, and I not only feel fitter, stronger, and more energetic, I am leaner than I have been in years. Monica is the most upbeat, passionate, encouraging trainer imaginable. Her energy is so delightful that you almost forget how hard she’s working you! Monica is very knowledgeable, and always is aware of using the correct form to keep you safe, and get you the results you want. I have practiced yoga for many years, and have trained with other trainers, and I cannot recommend Monica highly enough, she is a treasure."
Mia Sara, Actress- Los Feliz, CA
"As a model and actor, I have to stay in really good shape. Problem is, I'm your typical burger and fries kinda girl, and REALLY don't enjoy cooking. Monica, my angel in disguise, came along and provided a custom meal plan to satisfy my carb cravings, yet nourish my body with truly nutritious food! Monica's philosophy is to enjoy the good things in life without depriving oneself, yet know when and how to fuel the body with nutrient rich meals. Since being on Monica's meal plan, I can eat the most delicious foods and dessert too and still maintain a healthy body."
Tamaryn Roy, Model/Actor - Los Angeles, CA
"Stronger, Fitter, Faster – those are the results I have had working with Monica Nelson for the last two years. I work at a fast-paced, high-stress job, and my time is limited. I now achieve results that used to take twice as long with conventional weight training without the concern of injury. Monica knows the body and tailors my workouts to maximize the high level of physical and mental challenges I need. After each workout, I feel exhausted and recharged at the same time. She is the best!"
Zaida Hackett, Legal Secretary- Woodland Hills, CA
"I love looking and feeling fit, but I don’t love working out. Fortunately, I have fitness and nutrition guru (and I don’t say that lightly) Monica Nelson to train me. Monica whips me into shape in record time and somehow makes it all fun. Who would have thought that someone who looks like an angel could give such a killer workout?"
Libby Gill, Executive Coach & Bestselling Author- Marina Del Rey, CA
"I was working crazy hours in a very stressful job, had no time to exercise and had gotten into some bad eating habits. At 35 years old, I was out of shape, 10 pounds overweight and found my usual diet routine (drink lots of water, do 45 minutes of cardio, stop eating sugar) while a good start, wasn't having much of an effect. I seemed stuck and I felt so frustrated. Oh, and did I mention this was 3 months before my wedding. Enter Monica! I started training with Monica twice a week. I had no idea I could be so weak after only around 30 minutes of training, but there were several days I could barely walk! And she gave me so much knowledge on how to eat healthier and it was incredibly easy to follow, even with an intense work schedule and the stress of planning a wedding. With controlled form on the weights Monica taught me to push past my breaking point with breathing and determination. With Monica coaching me I just kept getting stronger, the pounds melted away, and I felt strong and healthy. Three months later, I weighed 10 pounds less and felt completely fabulous in my wedding dress. My arms and back looked amazing and I felt confident and beautiful. I truly couldn't have done it without Monica. I am a huge believer in Monica’s workouts and wouldn't want to train with anyone else. She is so passionate about training and is always there to remind me to stay positive. Now I am pregnant and Monica has modified my workouts so I can stay strong and healthy throughout my pregnancy- and I am counting on her to get me back in shape post-baby too :)"
Amy Jacobson, Producer- Santa Monica, CA
"After living with a torn rotator cuff, a torn muscle, degenerated spinal discs and an assortment of aches and pains, I turned to Monica Nelson for help. And she gave it to me in spades. Monica didn’t just get me in shape, it was how she got in shape that was so impressive. Monica Nelson is enthusiastic, honest, pragmatic, humble, happy, responsible and real. Simply put, I train with Monica because she makes my life better."Dr. Mick Gallinson, Psychologist- Santa Monica, CA
"I HIGHLY recommend Monica! When it became clear my 9-year-old daughter had significant tightness in her muscles like some other members of the family, I knew I needed to reach out for guidance to help prevent injuries in the long run. Yoga classes were not a good fit because they were too advanced, and I didn’t care for the spiritual language some instructors use. I wanted practical stretches that were taught in more athletic terms. Somehow I found Monica. She was exactly what my daughter needed! She was both responsive to my wishes, and educated my daughter about her body, proper alignment–and has inspired a daily habit of modified stretches. Monica is so motivating because she knows her stuff, first of all, but also because she is incredibly kind, loving, and encouraging with kids. She is a tremendous resource to healthy living as well."Carol Riel - Santa Monica, CA
"After my first session training with Monica, I immediately felt stronger and healthier. Monica taught me things about diet and how the body works that have CHANGED my life. Monica is passionate about fitness and shows it through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Even after one year, her workouts continue to be challenging. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Monica will help you every step of the way."Sally Umsted, International Marketing Manager- Silver Lake, CA
"I am almost 49 and I have tried everything out there from Pilates to the gym to classes. But what made me stick to this workout is Monica. She is so positive, cheerful, and encouraging – and our workout only takes about thirty minutes. I love her style, she always has a smile and understands when I am not feeling great. I have been with Monica for over a year and I definitely feel stronger and more toned. What can I say? Monica is absolutely the best! "
Mitra Akhavan,- Sherman Oaks, CA
"As someone who has always been very resistant to exercise, I cannot say enough about my positive experiences with training with Monica Nelson. At 43 years old, I have muscle definition in my arms for the first time in my life. Monica is so knowledgeable and motivating. I trust her to push me beyond where even I think I can go, but doing it safely. Monica not only has changed my body but given me priceless information on health and nutrition and I have never been healthier. I have made a lifestyle change and it is all because of her guidance. I love it and I am never stopping."
Stefanie Klein, Psychotherapist- Los Angeles, CA
"Being a person who hates going to the gym, Monica's quick and efficient workouts couldn't be more perfect for me. With traditional workouts at the gym, I saw zero results because low intensity cardio just wasn't enough and I didn't know the slightest thing about weight training. Monica has taught me the importance of strength training and it is changing my metabolism and my body, inside and out. With her encouraging and upbeat attitude, Monica helps me work my hardest week after week. After a year of working with her, I recommend her as a trainer to anyone who is looking for a change!"
Erika Guimaraes, Executive Assistant- Los Feliz, CA
"You think being married to Monica Nelson would mean she’d take it easy on me... no way! But that’s all right with me because I get to experience Monica’s awesomely challenging workouts. Being in the fitness industry myself, I’ve worked with lots of different trainers, but I’ve never met anyone as passionate and knowledgeable as Monica. Monica is the real deal. One look at her and you can see that she has a passion for life that just shines through her work. I’m so proud to see my wife help so many people reach their optimum fitness goals and make remarkable changes in their lives!"
Mark Nelson, Personal Trainer/Actor and Married to Monica- Santa Monica, CA
"Working out with Monica...I went from a couch potato to a hot tomato!!Monica is a fitness miracle! She has passion, knowledge, and persistence. Since working with Monica my body has changed in ways I never thought possible. I have gained muscle strength, core strength, tone, and energy. I actually look forward to my workouts, because Monica makes it fun. Each workout is slightly different to ensure focus on all muscle groups. Monica pushes me to my maximum with her kind hearted and fearless enthusiasm. She is steeped in knowledge about the body and nutrition so that I understand the great health benefit of my workouts. Monica has changed my life.She is a true miracle!"
Pamela Wick- Brentwood, CA
"I’ve worked with several trainers over the years and Monica is definitely the best. She is very personable and fun and yet is always pushing me to the next level. I can’t recommend Monica strongly enough for anyone considering something new that is doable. Within the first six months, I was amazed at the core strength and muscle tone I acquired by training only around thirty minutes a week."
Christine Page, Attorney- Santa Monica, CA
"Working with Monica has been a great, but painful, experience-and that’s a good thing. She is a true fitness professional who manages to consistently challenge me to perform beyond my expectations. Her extensive knowledge of exercise physiology, nutrition and various strength building programs/techniques is truly impressive. Every workout is a surprise in terms of the new exercises she frequently introduces. Aside from keeping the training sessions interesting, this is very important to stimulating continued muscle development. Of course, the ultimate testimony for the effectiveness of any fitness trainer is the client’s achieved results. In my case, I have gained tremendous strength and endurance, increased flexibility and lost weight. Although there have been times during a grueling workout that I have wanted to “kill” Monica, I must admit she is a great personal trainer/coach who is undoubtedly saving my life."
Bob Pattishall-Rodondo Beach, CA
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