TRX in Malibu with Greg Louganis

TRX in Malibu with Greg Louganis
  TRX-   What is it? Well, it is amazing!  There is not one thing I don't love about TRX.  Maybe you are a client of mine, a reader, or you just want to know more, or perhaps you are hearing about TRX for the first time.  No matter what, I wanted to cover the basics for you. So I wanted to post some info on the TRX Training that you have heard me mention from time to time.  I am so happy to say... I can now offer it in addition to your new workouts.  It is such a great addition to any workout and any body.  I just want you to have a little background on TRX so when you see it for the first time you will feel more comfortable. 🙂 WHAT IS TRX? Well, TRX which stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise,  it is a type of training that uses your own body weight and gravity, to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability, all while preventing injuries.

What are some of the advantages of using the TRX system?

Well, for starters you can minimize your training time by working your whole entire body switching from one exercise to the next in just seconds. The best part to me?  Every exercise you have to engage your core. So all the planks I have had you do, now you are ready! Now you may think that your core is just your abdominals, however it is more than that. Your core includes the pelvis, abs, back and chest muscles. It is this core that offers your body stability, balance and flexibility. Everything you do in your life starts with your core, whether it is bending over to pick up the pen you dropped on the floor, washing your car, playing basketball with your kids, or participating in an Ironman. A strong and stable core is important to help prevent injuries, not just in your low back but in your entire body. Just think of how developing good core strength and stability will only enhance your performance and way of life.  Your whole body works better. Another advantage is by using your own body weight and gravity you are able to adjust toyour own personal fitness level just by walking yourself closer or further away from theanchoring point. That means you do not have to go grab a different set of dumbbells or add more weight to the machine, you just simply adjust your foot placement. This keeps you constantly challenging your body through every exercise, minimizing wasted time switching weights.

What are some of the exercises I can do to enhance my performance?

Chest Press, Row, Lunge, Squat, Plank, Tucks, Pike, Side Lunge, Oblique Twist, Back Extension, and CORE WORK! TRX is a huge part of the fitness industry and is only getting bigger–those from professional athletes who need peak performance to everyday people who just want to feel and look their best.  What I love is how it is exactly what I preach about all the time---no tension on the joints, alignment and form is a must. Please watch this quick video to get an idea of TRX, so you have an idea of what will soon be apart of some of your training with me! It is so easy to learn and a really great way to incorporate new resistance training to any workout routine. 🙂

Watch this:   TRX Video Below are some pictures of the actual TRX Training that I did to get certified.  It was so awesome and the coolest part was my partner was Greg Louganis! He even let me hold his Olympic Ring (1 of 4)! Such a nice person.  We were taught by the absolutely INCREDIBLE Mary Lou Schell.  That woman is amazing on so many levels.  If you are interested in learning more about TRX let me know,  it is such a good workout to know how to do on the road or away from the gym.

See you on your next workout! Here is a recap. Me and my Partner- GREG LUGANIOUS!  He is so incredibly nice and in amazing shape let me tell you! I even got to hold his (1 of 4) Olympic Rings.             Pretty much the most amazing woman ever, Mary Lou.  She is one of the best teachers and fitness experts I have met.             Hold that Plank! Not me, I was taking the photo.             Greg getting ready to demonstrate some amazing form in a Pike Position.
Love Monica Nelson

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    I love Greg Luganious! And i love TRX! What an awesome day with an awesome workout buddy! So jealous!!!

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