Shape Up For Summer Workout Plan

Shape Up For Summer Workout Plan

Let's Get Swimsuit Ready!

Summer Shape Up

Summer (or swimsuit season) is right around the corner. Are you ready for it? Or are you not seeing the results you want? Maybe you are bored of your current routine or do you want to switch up your routine to the next level? Are you ready to finally get fitter, faster, stronger? Than you are ready to follow this easy workout plan!

With this very efficient routine - you will know what to do each day of the week. I created this just for you to take out any stress of not knowing what to do into an easy to follow routine. No guess work.

However, if you are looking for a quick fix though this is not for you. That is not how it works. I don't do shortcuts. It is time to work hard (yes you have to work for it) and finally... in return...get results! Disclaimer: Please listen to your body and follow a routine that is realistic. If you are pregnant for example or new to working out than obviously you will need to modify. 

Get In Shape For Summer

This routine is not only similar to how I train but also how my clients see amazing results. If you're not getting the results you want or want to change your routine - this will be perfect for you. You will be in swimsuit ready in no time. Make sure you match your efforts with the foods you eat. 

FACT: Fitting in the combination of strength training, cardio, intervals and stretching you will drop double the weight and melt un-wanted pounds. (Be sure to watch the diet-most important). Visit for healthy recipe ideas. Let's get started.

Summer Workout


Follow 4-6 Weeks

Get In Shape For Summer Workout Plan

Day 1: Intervals. 45 mins. Warm up. Do anywhere from 5-15 intense cardio intervals for 20-45 secs. In between each one do 1-2 mins of low intensity to catch your breath. Do this with biking, running, rowing, spinning, you get the picture. Or if your really up for it... Try Tabata Training. I love it.

Get In Shape For Summer

Summer Workout

Day 2: Strength Training. 45 mins. Go for full body and lift the appropriate amount of weight to the point where the last reps are a struggle. I like high-intensity strength training and you get more bang for your buck. Don't forget about all the extra calories you will torch too from the "after burn." Include squats, pull-ups, arms, back, core, lunges, etc. A circuit class is a great option too. Start anywhere from 5, 8, 10 or 12 pounds and increase every week.

Get iN Shape for Summer

Summer Workout

Day 3: Rest Day. Enjoy it. You've worked hard and your muscles need a chance to rest, recovery, repair, and grow. This is the most overlooked part of a healthy fitness routine. You should always have 1-2 rest days. Trust me. You will over train other wise and compromise good health.

Summer Workout

Time to NOURISH. Check out your local Farmers Market to stock up on the delicious foods that will get you on your way. Visit

Day 4: Go for Endurance. 60-90 mins. Pick a favorite cardio activity and go at a moderate level. Where you struggle to hold a conversation.  Running, biking, jogging, roller blading, etc. This is not when you plop on a spin bike for an hour with NO gear and peddle like a mad person bouncing all over the place. That is crazy and I see that everyday.  You are doing absolutely nothing but hurting your body. Instead, make sure you still have resistance and work hard for the 60-90 mins.

Day 5: Yoga, Foam Roll, Stretch. So important! Read all my tips on foam rolling and stretching.  A yoga class once a week is awesome too and you can foam roll as much as needed. Make sure you understand the proper fundamentals to foam rolling and stretching before you do them.

Summer Workout

Day 6: Functional / Corrective Training / Core. Not a ton of people do this or understand this. This is the glue that holds you together. By incorporating corrective training movements and functional exercise, you avoid injury and stay pain-free.  This keeps you at your best for your other activities as well. You can also add additional core work (lower back, obliges, dip ab musculature, planks, etc).

Summer Workout

Day 7: Active Recovery. 30-60 mins. Have fun! Hit the beach for a walk or light bike ride. Flush out your muscles and enjoy and easy walk. You can do easy yoga, Pilates or a light nature hike. My favorite.

Summer Workout   Remember... Strong Mind, Strong Body. Remember while you're working out, try to push past your comfort zone just a little bit every time. If you aren't lifting heavy enough weights - you are wasting time. In many cases you can just be creating more stress on your joints by going too fast with the light weight. Whereas if you lift heavier, you force the muscle to do the work and I always encourage my clients to slow it down. This way, your form (so important) is never compromised.   Don't Give Up! It's important to realize that your mind is programmed to hit the brakes before your body is. The brain sends signals that your heart rate may be too high or you're producing too much lactic acid prior to your body reaching its limits. And remember that quitting often is a self reinforcing behavior that can lead to the idea that you're incapable of working harder. That is not habit you want to make. This is why I'm always encouraging my clients to not quit and finish what we start. "Take it to the 1!" I always say. "It's not how we start - it's how we finish. We Finish STRONG."


  • Have a plan. This is so simple. This means know exactly what you are doing for your workout for the day. Plan it out and think about it. Imagine how hard you're going to work and how great you will feel after. Picture yourself from start to finish.
  • Count backwards. An exciting payoff coming soon as this distraction helps your mind from thinking of the time.
  • Don't Compare. Stay focused on you and where YOUR level is at. The only time you can compare is when you're trying to beat someone to the finish line.
Here are also my Top 5 Tips To Get Bikini Ready. STAY STRONG MENTALLY TO GO THE DISTANCE PHYSICALLY.
Rock What You Got. Happiness and Self Love is the secret to shining.

Rock What You Got. Happiness and Self Love is the secret to shining.

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xx Moni
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Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that I am not a Registered Dietitian. While my advice relies on my own personal experience and research, what has been successful for myself and others may be not best for you. You should always consult your doctor when making changes to your diet. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at

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