Red Carpet Ready Summit hosted by Valerie Waters

Red Carpet Ready Summit hosted by Valerie Waters
How do I even start the recap of my day- what a great experience I had at the RCR Summit!  What is The Red Carpet Ready Health and Beauty Summit?  This one day, interactive event featured Hollywood’s top fitness and beauty experts as they all shared their cutting edge strategies for achieving the body you want, learning new strategies to apply to your workouts, and really some great Health and Beauty tips.   When I say "experts," I can't stress the word enough- Top of the top in their field, high in demand, PASSIONATE at what they do, and I have to tell you, I have never seen a more attractive bunch of speakers in my life, it was ridiculous! This amazing event was hosted by the one and only celebrity trainer Valerie Waters.   If you don't know who Valerie is for some reason-I can guarantee you have seen her on TV or seen her Workout Products.  Let's just say if you are a celebrity-you have worked with Valerie! Some of her clients include Jennifer Garner, Ben Afflick , Jessica Biel, Cindy Crawford and all of Hollywood many more.  She is also the creator of the awesome ValSlides.  You know, those easy to take with you "anywhere" floor pads that give you a killer lower body workout (great for lunges) and ab workouts. (I highly recommend trying them out to switch up your routine.) Most importantly she is SUPER nice, real, and seriously down to earth, it was a pleasure to meet her. One of the perks of living here in Los Angeles, is not missing out on such great opportunities such as this.  Apparently people had flown in from all over the world (Australia and all over the East Coast) to be apart of the event.  There were also a few celebrities floating around here and there, after all they are friends with Val.  RCR was held at the The London Hotel in West Hollywood and then was followed by the VIP Rooftop Pool Party.  Tropicana, Puma, and New Beauty Magazine (plus many more) sponsored this along with some outstanding Vendors, Val was also doing a Raffles every hour for really superb stuff,  and then WOW- did we get gift bags! I was happy just with the "sweet" Puma Bag! I mean just check out what was in them: Who else did I get to meet besides awesome Valerie?

Well, all the speakers included:

  • Chad Waterbury-Celebrity & Athletic Trainer
  • Jamie Milnes-Celebrity Fitness Trainer
  • Frank Galasso-Kim Kardashian's Hair Stylist
  • Nerida Joy-Celebrity Skin Expert
  • Tom Morley-LA's top yoga instructor
  • Anthony Slater-Athletes Performance
  • Cynthia Pasquella-Celebrity Nutritionist
Originally, I was not drawn to this event for the "Beauty Tips" aspect of it.  Truthfully, as being a Fitness Professional myself, I was all about hearing from my fellow other Celebrity Trainers and to be there for the Fitness side of things.  However, I actually left this summit learning a ton on just overall Health.   It was so refreshing to be in a room with other amazing Fitness, Health, and Beauty experts and we all are on the same page. One thing I can agree, is that myself along with Valerie, Chad, Jamie, Tom, and Anthony is that we all have very similar routines and beliefs when it comes to fitness and health.  Here is my recap for you:


Jamie was the first trainer to speak and he was one of my favorites.  Jamie works with a ton of top athletes and celebrities. His philospy is simple: "Get fit and Go play!" What he means is, get in shape and then find an activity that you love to do. He also has an incredible organization that helps to bring less fortunate kids out of their environment and gets them active along with the opportunity to do such things as Skiing or Trapeze.  His also talked about his top Fitness Tips:
  • Do circuits, work the whole body (opposed to say back and biceps one day), Unilateral Movements, and Functional Movements (movements for life).
  • Find your passion inside to keep yourself motivated.
Jamie talking about how hard Jennifer Garner trains for certain movies-("Electra" for example.)


What I love is that not only did Val host the event (and did a great job) but she also was a speaker. What is so amazing about Val is she is seriously the most relatable person you could ever met! She lights up the room, has a serious following, and is just real.  This is why Valerie is successful- she is sincere, honest,  and has the passion it takes to help people.  I think her Red Carpet Ready Weight loss program is one of the best concepts out there today.  Her tips are the great:
  • Val made a great point that sometimes having a "Deadline" to shoot for, really works.  So if you don't have something huge going on, just make a dead line for yourself to start on your journey.
  • She can admit we all can get bored with exercise at times, so look at new and fun ways to switch it up.  It maybe a new class, or a new DVD, or hiking with friend- but change your routine if you are bored.
  • Have a plan.  Plan your meals and workouts.  Val went into say that if all her celebrity clients did  not plan, they would fail.  Have  you heard of Craft Services!? You must have a plan and stick with it.
  • Set serious intentions and goals for yourself- be honest. Also get inspired! Use quotes and pictures that maybe motivate you. I am a huge "quote junkie" myself!
  • You have heard me say this a million times but Val also will tell you- Being healthy is a lifestyle to commit to,  so if you have a bad day, you must move on and forgive yourself and know there is always a brand new day tomorrow.
  • One thing I loved from the gift bag, is Valerie's "Red Carpet Ready" Book.  I love it because it is so easy to read and follow and is almost like a "cheat sheet." Check it out!


Also, one of my favorite speakers, I was bummed we did not get a chance to meet but Chad gave a great talk on the BEST ways to increase Fat loss. What I loved about Chad, is he tells it how it is and his advice works! I agree with everything he said 100%.  He spent a lot of time on metabolic cost which is the amount of energy (calories) consumed as a result of performing a given task (exercise). This is so right on and  most don't have a concept of it. Basically, your goal is if you want to see the best fat loss- is to generate the highest metabolic cost as possible to your body. Chads other excellent and efficient tips:
  1. Full body Workouts- work upper body and lower body simultaneously.  It is all about the "After-Burn" for fat-loss, not just mindless, relatively easy cardio.  Sound familiar? Have intensity so you get the caloric after burn so even when you are resting for 24-36 hours later, your body will still be using calories to replenish. ( I am a broken record with this!)
  2. Move-Fast- A great example Chad gave was jumping jacks and split jacks.  Try to do that for 5 mins. ( I do this all the time) and tell me you aren't winded!
  3. Chose the Right Resistance Exercises

Chad moved on to (wow-do I agree) - what movements should be AVOIDED:

  • Shoulder Shrugs or Olympic lifts and dead lifts- why kill your neck and try to build huge traps? Especially woman.
  • Side Bends and high volume ab work-(you know you see this at every gym, people killing themselves doing low intensity ab movements that are killing their lower back and spine.)
  • Heavy back squats or high volume lunges.
He has a great Fat-Loss program out "Body of F.I.R.E" and some of the before and afters we saw were just incredible.


Wow! This woman is amazing, Not only is she in my opinion the best nutritionist I have met with, she is so spot on and just has this amazing glow to her (it is not just because she is pregnant either!). She is very warm and welcoming and it is clear to me- she is great at what she does. Cynthia talked about 3 Proven Ways to Break through Weight Loss. I have worked with a handful of my own clients who really do have a condition called "Weight Loss Resistance Disorder" which is basically when all your working out/eating healthy/resting and efforts still does not change a thing about your weight.  Why Cynthia is so special, is she had this herself.  It is due to be out of balance with nutrients and hormones and Cynthia offers Customized Medical/Nutritional Testing to find out what is up with your body.   Some great points Cynthia made (I also encourage) are:
  • SOY is bad! Usually 9 out of 10 people are allergicand soy can really be toxic to your system. (Not tempeh, natto, or miso.)
  • What are all the Stars secrets to their fresh look? SLEEP! Sleep repairs adrenals, aids in digestion, and helps regulate hormones.  Try for 8-9 hours. (I know, I have the challenge too!)
(Gorgeous right!)


Tom was the Yoga Master of the Summit! He had an awesome "feel-good" presentation with a handful of breathing exercises.  Some I had never done and some were a great reminder.  It is so easy to not breathe and stay present, even to yours truly.  He made some incredible points and he was very upliftingHere are some pictures along with some of Tom's points:
  • Yoga is beyond the Poses- Learn from the inside out and free yourself.  Liberation!
  • If you want to change your life, change your breath.
  • You have heard the word before but a good reminder for us all: PRANAYAMA- Life force and Control together.
  • He ended on reading one of the most refreshing poems called If I Had My Life Over- I'd Pick More Daisies.  Amazing, right!


Antony was great! He works with Elite Athletes in the NFL, etc. and did a great job explaining more of the psychological part of getting to your goals.  He broke it down simple:
  • Prepare, Take Action, Reflect, and Celebrate
  • Make small goals and work your way and celebrate what is working for you now.
  • If you want to set a New Year's Eve Resolution, he encouraged to pick it now, so you will be prepared then. Great advice!


This woman know her stuff! Nerida did an incredible job covering  skin care and how if certain parts of your body are "off," it will show in certain parts of your face.  Candida seems to be very common with most people and if you think you might have it, (a symptom is if your skin feels like a towel when you rub it) the foods to avoid are: Cheese, Mushrooms, Wine, Vinegar, Breads, and Fermented Foods. Nerdia made a great point that Dairy -(most of us have heard this, right, but I am still not there yet!) does not work for most people as they might have a slight allergy to it.  Her Skin Care Tips:
  • Keep you body Alkaline- almonds, watermelon, and brown rice are great
  • Eat every 2-3 hours- (yes! do not get me started)
  • Movement- Nerida explained how important is is to swing your arms back when you run to wake up certain parts of the body that are responsible for helping the skin.
  • Lymphaties
  • Massage

A great cleansing system she recommends is:

  • Cleanse- use non-foaming
  • Exfoliate- "absorbing"- don't do scrubs
  • Nourish- "live cells" -use a moisturizer no matter what type of skin you have and experiment with Retinols and AHA's.  A brand called "Natural Advantage" was recommended.
  • Sunblock- Look for one you like with zinc and titanium in them-a brand called "Solar Protection" is great.  In the summer make sure it is at least 40 SPF and in other seasons, make sure it is at least 25 SPF.
  • Use an eye cream- not once but twice a day and rub it in around in circles around your eye. (I had never heard of that one.)


I would die if Frank could do my hair every day or just once for that matter!  He is clearly amazing at what he does and is responsible for so many top celebrites amazing locks, but mainly the Kardashian's.  He was so great to share a little dark secret: The Kardashian Sisters use a trunk full of hair, oh yes- Fake in every which way.  Extensions to create the illusion-You gotta love Hollywood.  I loved some of his points:
  • Natural it the best thing you can do.
  • Hair is just an extension of Beauty.
  • Treat your next hair cut like a big, fat "steak"- Why keep all the fat when you should cut it off and keep what is good! I love it.
  • Recommends fats like avocados, olive oil, and egg yolks to use for at home treatments.
So there you have it.  You have all the top tips and secrets from the best of the best.  I hope you enjoyed the recap as much as I enjoyed attending.  I HIGHLY recommend this event.  We all deserve to live our lives the best we can physically, mentally, and spiritually and sometimes we absolutely need to call on the "experts" for help and motivation.  As a motivator, fitness expert, and a healthy foods chef myself, I am here to say- there is so much information out there, it is never enough!  I was blessed to spend a day learning some things I did not know and from the BEST. RCR is for all types, men and woman, and it is a once-in- a-life-time experience to be in a room with such fantastic people who love what they do but most importantly are the best at what they do. A very special thanks to Valerie for putting together such a kick-ass event (that will also give you a kick-ass body in return!) and sharing it with the world! See you there next year! xo
Love Monica Nelson

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Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that I am not a Registered Dietitian. While my advice relies on my own personal experience and research, what has been successful for myself and others may be not best for you. You should always consult your doctor when making changes to your diet. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at

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  1. I have no idea why I have not seen your blog till now! haha I absolutely LOVE it and will continue coming back to it often! You have so much great insight! I am an athlete/coach that is trying to break into the fitness/nutrition industry. I already teach group exercise and will be getting my personal training cert through NACSM as soon as I can afford it, and then on to grad school for Nutrition. Thanks for sharing all those great tips! I agree, the BEST kind of trainer is one that TRULY cares for the general health of their clients and helping people!

    • Monica Nelson says:

      Hi Salah!
      Thanks for your kinds words and checking out my blog. That is great with all that you are doing, you are on your way- all the best to you and keep in touch. If there is anything I can do to help you, let me know.
      Take Care!

  2. Monica, it was soooooo great to meet you in person!! You did an amazing job of summarizing the Red Carpet Ready Fitness and Beauty Summit. I think you have summed it up perfectly! I wish everyone could have been there to feel the energy. So many awesome people.

    Love and Lunges,

    • Monica Nelson says:

      Thanks Val! It was such a pleasure to meet you too.:) The event rocked on so many levels, I had to write about asap.
      See you at next years RCR!

  3. This looks like a great program!

  4. Eunice says:

    WOW This looked like fun! There most be something like this in Montreal! I am happy to see someone else think soy is bad! 😀

  5. Stacey U. says:

    Thanks for the great information and recap. There were a few things I didn’t know and others I really needed to be reminded of.

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