Physique 57-Beverly Hills Studio

Physique 57-Beverly Hills Studio
  Over the later part of Summer, I was lucky enough to be invited to try out 2 weeks of Physique 57 Classes at the Beverly Hills Studio (yes-many star sightings indeed!) I also was invited to their Private 2 year Anniversary Celebration and got to meet the lovely Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi, Owner, Co-Founder, and CEO of Physique 57 (as seen in the picture above.)  Free workouts, star treatment, healthier cupcakes, kale chips, and champagne offered all at once too!-Sure (so Moni-like), where do I start!  Here is my recap.     What is Physique 57? Well, it is a barre-based fitness company with studios in New York City, Beverly Hills, and the Hamptons.  Chances are you have heard of Physique 57 by the popularity of just celebrities alone!  It seems every top lady in Hollywood is a fan of this workout.  Kelly Ripa, Demi Moore, Denise Richards, Parker Posey, and Carrie Underwood-just to name a few! Physique 57 is a workout program that combines isometric exercises and specialized stretches to lengthen and sculpt your muscles. Enter the goal of achieving a dancer's physique here! Basically, Physique 57’s uses timed sets with your own body weight as resistance, and through dynamic exercises, your muscles are targeted and overloaded to the point of fatigue, then stretched for relief. Why hello there hidden muscles! They call this process "Interval Overload" which includes muscle-defining arm exercises, intense thigh and glute work, and waist/ab moves with stretches. You also use 3lb-8lb dumbell's, a resistance band, and a very light squishy weight ball. What I thought was so cool as a fitness expert, was that I did certain ab movements that I had never done, heard of doing, or seen before. (No trainer knows it all, I don't care who you are!) That impressed me right away.  What else was super different that I liked, was you wear special socks so you can move on the carpet floor easily to get the most out of the movement's and stretches.  I loved the high energy of the class, the music, and the intimate setting of the clean and air conditioned room as well. I hate sweaty and hot studios--No thanks, Moni gets grouchy- but not here! (Here I am doing triceps with my body weight.  Can you see the socks I was talking about!) As I mentioned,  I LOVE how the energy of the classes move and the FANTASTIC instructors I must say- (Meet Sarah of the Beverly Hills studio shown below.) She was AMAZING! Nothing is worse than a super dull and un-happy instructor and that is NOT the case at Physique 57. They all have the passion like myself, which is key. I also loved the awesome stretches at the end that you can achieve much easier mainly because of the bar in the room. It was nice to take advantage of that, as many of us don't have a bar in our home, right. All around if you want to change up your routine, work on flexibility, focus and work on smaller muscles groups that do not usually get addressed, learn some super efficient ab movements with your body weight, or just I have some fun... then Physique 57 is a great class. Plus you just may just see your favorite celebrity right next to you! I plan on going once a month to switch things up with my normal routine and to get in those killer stretches.  I find, as you may too though, that I need more resistance for my usual weekly workouts than a class as this. BUT-This is because I have been working out for so long and my body and muscles need more than 3lbs-8lbs to stay strong and achieve results.  You can still get a workout with Physique 57  and it is especially great if you are just starting out working out or if you are new to resistance training.  Otherwise, do not be afraid to lift heavier weights ladies! 😉 Anyone who can tell me what the "57" in Physique means by the way, is super cool...anyone?? See you on your next workout!


Love Monica Nelson

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