NOW Foods Event Recap + HUGE GIVEAWAY!

This is a sponsored post by NOW Foods & Fitfluential. All my opinions are my own.
I just had the most incredible time on a recent trip to Chicago to be apart of the NOW Foods Immersion Event! If you follow me on social media, than you know I was on a quick trip to Bloomingfield, Illinois (just outside of Chicago) with NOW Foods and 25 other health + wellness influencers across the country including many Fit Fluential Ambassadors. I was so honored to be there and can honestly say I had such an fantastic time! It’s been awhile since I have been absolutely “wowed” by a brand and company like NOW. You'll see what I mean in this post. If you are not familiar with NOW (you most likely are - yes those “orange” supplement bottles!), they are a natural product line with an incredible line-up of dietary supplements, sports nutrition, natural foods, beauty and health, essential oils and even a new line just for pet health! What’s not to love about a brand that offers all of this!
  • NOW was founded by Elwood Richard in 1968 with the goal of making healthy and quality products accessible affordable for everyone. NOW is also celebrating 50 years as a trusted and natural products manufacturer this year too! This is so big for me as a nutrition expert to know in a company. See in my industry, we look for companies and trusted brands with excellent reputations that have been around for a long time. NOW has been around longer than most, that's for sure. 
  • NOW’s industry leading-leading Quality Control and Quality Assurance programs guarantee that what’s on the label is in the bottle and package. I honestly can say that I trust NOW as a brand and products manufacture especially after seeing the plant first hand (more on this later).
  • The NOW Foods facilities have received an “A” rating by the Natural Products Association (NPA) for meeting Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP) standards. The NOW Facility in Bloomingdale has been GMP certified by NPA since 2000. Again this makes me very happy to know. Now that I am a mother and someone who truly cares about the health and wellness of my family, friends and clients, I honestly feel great about recommending NOW to anyone.
  • Also I have to point out that as for GMOs, 100% of their food products are non-GMO, and 75% of their supplements are non-GMO assured. NOW takes their non-GMO commitment seriously as do I and you should too! 

So here’s a RE-CAP of the awesome NOW Event:

Since the moment I touched down in Chicago, I have to tell you I felt like a star! I was so taken care of from the moment the private car picked me up and then arriving the beautiful Eaglewood Resort and Spa. Then nothing like two (2) gigantic goody bags waiting for you in your room to get things started. Packed to the rim and I will use every single thing. Which keep reading... because below is a HUGE GIVEAWAY and you can enter to receive one! A value of $520.

Let's Get Things Started!

We started the evening with a fantastic Run-of-the Show and welcome with the NOW CEO, Jim Emme and Vice President of NHG Global Sales and Marketing, Dan Richard. It was so refreshing to hear the backstory of NOW and watch a 50th Anniversary video. Plus, what I so appreciated was how real and genuine Jim and Dan both are and so down-to-earth. I learned even more about NOW products which I am super excited to try.     

Great Intro to NOW Products!

Next the adorable Kasey Arena Brown of Powercakes taught an awesome cooking demo. Are you ready for this..."healthy donuts" and they were incredible. I mean seriously. I was like... "where were you during my pregnancy?!" I can't wait to get the recipe and use NOW products, especially the liquid coconut oil for the perfect glaze. They were de-lish!

Anyone for a healthier donut made all natural ingredients?

Cooking Challenge!

What happened next was sooooo fun! We teamed up in teams to do an “Iron Chef Challenge” using some NOW products. It was amazing to have a clean, open kitchen with tons of ingredients to create anything you want. This was something I have always wanted to do (huge Food Network fan here) and let me tell you, the "time" does run out quick! We did not win exactly... but we were all winners because it was the best time!

A DREAM! Fully stocked kitchen and pantry awaiting for you to create anything you want. YES PLEASE!

Had the best time! We may not have won but we are all winners just to be here!

My group made the only dessert dish "The NOW Parfait" featuring so many products like NOW Q Cup Organic Quinoa, NOW Protein Powder, NOW Energy Nut Mix,  and much more. Our team was amazing and it was a very fun competition. 

Dinner Was Delicious

Up next was a delicious and healthy dinner made by the Cooking Skills Academy. I was loving every single bite! My table was also so lucky because NOW CEO, Jim Emma was kind enough to sit with us for the entire time and we got to have very real and genuine talks about everything and anything. It was so incredible to have this opportunity! We all asked him so many questions and loved how real and truthful he was when answering all of them. Then soon after dinner, we all then headed back to the hotel for some zzz's.  

Workout Time!

Next up, bright and early (4 am L.A. time!) we started the day off with a killer Tabata style workout led by Kasey. She is so fun and cute and let me tell you as a trainer myself, she's so legit. I was sore for days after her class! That's tabata for ya. Thanks least we burned off your yummy donuts. 🙂 

I loved the HIIT class. All you ladies rocked it too!

Got Smoothies?

After the workout we did something that was just heaven to me. A build your own smoothie bar was provided! I know, I know... it's right up my alley and then some. I was so happy about this and to learn even more about the NOW Sports Line. I am so thrilled they offer so many incredible sports supplements and protein powders. My stamp of approval on all of them! We also got to hear from Bryan Morin and Katie Rosengren about all the new and exciting products with the NOW Sports Line

A fully stocked smoothie bar. I have died and gone to heaven.

NOW Private Plant Tour

Then, next up was what I was the most excited for (yes, I am a true science and major nutritional geek) and that was to NOW Private Tour! It was like Willy Wonka for supplements and vitamins. 🙂

Behind The Scenes Look!

Private Behind-The-Scenes NOW Plant Tour. WOW... is all I can say. All the employees are so happy to work there too and everyone is so passionate. I loved that!

Jim is such a great guy. I can see why NOW is as successful as they are.

Lunch was next and we had a delicious catered lunch from Whole Foods. Shortly after, we then got to learn all about the NOW Essential Oils. I love this homemade sports remedy mix. Here's how you can make it too! You'll love it. 

So easy and I love that their essential oils are 100% Certified Organic. Smells great too!

The coolest thing and super clever way to wrap things up was a "Ending in Balance" exercise. We all got to have Leslie McDonald from Balanced Life Leslie guide us through a Sound Meditation. I am not the only one what would agree, that this was the magic touch to wrap things up! Totally my style. Namaste.


I've known about NOW for quite sometime but I am "now" (see what I did there) just so excited to try many more products and recommend them to my clients, family and friends. Seeing how it all goes down first hand was priceless and such a great opportunity. I hope you learned a few things and just how incredible this company is. Their commitment to providing high quality, natural products at affordable prices is truly what makes them the best company around.

NOW Food's - "Live Healthy. Live Healthy. Live Now!" (agreed!)

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So last but not least - let’s get to this giveaway!

Such an incredible giveaway!!

What would you like to try if you could? Leave a comment below!  No joke this goody bag is OUTRAGEOUSLY AWESOME! I bet you are so excited. So here is your chance to win this. $520 VALUE. 


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Hope you enjoyed this recap and that you check out NOW!
Love Monica Nelson

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that I am not a Registered Dietitian. While my advice relies on my own personal experience and research, what has been successful for myself and others may be not best for you. You should always consult your doctor when making changes to your diet. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at

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  1. Andrea M says:

    I would LOVE to win this because all I have tried of NOW foods has been fantastic and I should have this because I have a loud voice. HAHA but seriously, people listen to my husband and I and take our recommendations seriously! Let me spread the news!

  2. Lindsay A. says:

    I’ve been a HUGE NOW Foods fan for several years, & their most recent product I tried & loved was their Ashwagandha supplement. However, there are SO many more things I’m dying to try, including both their whey & plant protein powders (I’m looking for a new “keeper” protein power), more supplements, & some of their food ingredients, particularly the sugar substitute options they offer!
    This is such an amazing & exciting goody bag – thank you so much for the opportunity! 😀 I was already following @nowfoodsofficial on Instagram, & followed you as well. IG username klahaneridge. I don’t have Facebook, so couldn’t follow there.

  3. Kimmy Ripley says:

    I am following along as MotherOfPearl81
    I consider myself to be a health nut and I love to give anything a whirl to see if it benefits my health. I would be so grateful to win this.

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