Monica Nelson with Oakley and SHAPE Magazine

Monica Nelson with Oakley and SHAPE Magazine


Wow. Did I have a fun time in San Diego with SHAPE Magazine and Oakley Women. You see, I was lucky enough to be in invited to this private and exclusive event with women who are just as passionate about fitness and a healthy lifestyle as myself. As a trainer, athlete, and chef it is so refreshing to be in an environment with similar people!

Not only did I get to meet some amazing ladies (girl power!) but I got to combine two of my my favorite things together as one. Oakley and SHAPE Magazine! Not only is Oakley one of my favorite brands ever (always has been starting in my competitive snowboarding days- love that Gretchen Bleiler too!) but they encourage the same message I believe in as well. Plus Oakley just represents amazing women athletes and even my girls Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up! 

Then there is SHAPE Magazine … we all know how much I love Shape Magazine as I have been lucky enough to be featured 3 times with SHAPE:

3 Page SHAPE Spread!

3 Page SHAPE Spread!

So you can only imagine at how thrilled I was to have both Oakley and Shape together as ONE! Heaven in my eyes.

The day was perfect weather. Starting at 9 am all the way through til’ 3. It was jam packed and a wonderful experience. My favorite part was meeting with Oakley to be interviewed to be an upcoming Oakley Brand Ambassador. I was so honored to have the opportunity. I have the passion, the gift of inspiration, and knowledge for what it takes so I was blessed to of been considered to work with a company like Oakley.

I loved meeting (finally in person!) some of the Oakley Team; Lacey Calvert, Chrissy Kay, Erica Hossesini, Marni Sumbai, and the Ladies from the Blonde Boot Camp! This is just to name a few too as all-day I meet extraordinary women. Lacey taught an amazing Yoga Class and Marni sure knows her stuff with Nutrition. The boot camp was also SO FUN.

Below is the re-cap in pictures. Enjoy!

Oakley and SHAPE together as one....heaven on earth in my eyes!

Oakley and SHAPE together as one….heaven on earth in my eyes!

Love you SHAPE Family!

Love you SHAPE Family!

Why thank you LUNA...yummy treats all day!

Why thank you LUNA…yummy treats all day!

Let's DO this LADIES! Girl Power!

Let’s DO this LADIES! Girl Power!

Why Hey There. Oakley Agreement! #OakleyWomen!

Why Hey There. Oakley Agreement! #OakleyWomen!

Oakley Ambassadors.

Oakley Ambassadors.

I loved meeting Marni Sumbai. She made these really killer treats. I think I have met my match and we can have a "bake-off!" She totally gets it with nutrition.

I loved meeting Marni Sumbai. She made these really killer treats. I think I have met my match and we can have a “bake-off!” She totally gets it with nutrition.

Oakley Women Represent!

Oakley Women Represent!

Oakley Goody Bag. Thanks Oakley!!

Oakley Goody Bag. Thanks Oakley!!



To play along with this amazing community of ladies… use the hash tag – #OakleyWomen and #Shape

Much love, Moni  


See you on your next workout!

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Love Monica Nelson

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  1. PurelyTwins says:

    loved seeing your pictures of this on instagram and now here to read more about it!!

    looked like a fun event with some amazing companies and people. We have thought about trying to become Oakley ambassadors. 🙂

  2. I am so sad. I was totally supposed to be there – but life got crazy ridiculous last week!! Plus, initially they told me this event was going to be here in LA… And I am slightly scared of the freeways so driving down there would have creeped me out! LOL! Next time there are some awesome events in and around LA, we should definitely go together!!! I see a collaboration post in the works ALREADY! 😀

    • That is a great idea GiGi! I will keep you posted and you do the same.
      That is so weird…I also have “issues” driving on these crazy Southern Cali highways! I bet everyone does! – they are cra-cra crazy after all. It was a SUPER FUN event though and well worth the drive. 🙂

  3. this event would have been right up my alley! looks so fun!! and with two great brands. awesome!

  4. So fun!! I loved seeing the photos from the weekend. Looks like you all had a great time! Oakley and Shape are probably two of my favorite things too. Fingers crossed for you!!

  5. What a super fun looking event! I hope you enjoy yourself! 🙂

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