Monica Nelson & Tone It Up!

Monica Nelson & Tone It Up!
  Wow. What a wonderful day! Recently I was able to meet up with the Tone It Up Girls. Meet Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson a.k.a - the Tone It Up Girls! I am a huge fan of these two beautiful "beach babes" and absolutely support what these inspirational beauties are doing. They are not only beautiful on the inside, but on the inside as well. GO K & K! 
Katrina, Moni, & Karena!!

Katrina, Moni, & Karena!!

Not sure you know them?

Gasp! That is almost unheard of as they are extremely well known in the fitness industry as well as around the web. Not only are they very popular but the Tone It Up Community behind them is also just fantastic. Full of motivational, inspirational, and empowering ladies. You can learn more about Tone It Up here. As a fitness trainer and health expert myself, it is always so refreshing to find and know like minded fitness professionals. The one thing I really respect from Karena and Katrina is their message. They teach to love your body and they genuinely care about their community.  They are not just (super!) "hot bodies" but they actually are very knowledgeable with fitness and workouts and really know their stuff. I personally agree so much with them on their Nutritional principles which is very important to me being a healthy foods chef. There are big names out there that have it all wrong but that is not the case with Tone It Up. They offer a great Nutritional Plan (check it out!) and they also have their own DVD Series-The Beach Babe DVD. Their second DVD just launched this month too!                          They are fun to watch, fun to follow, and you will get inspired all while learning a thing or two, and if not from them, then the "TIU" (Tone It Up) Community!


Did I mention they also have their own protein powder called Perfect Fit Protein. (What can't these beach babes do!?!). I am a huge fan of this brand and I have even made many Moni Treats with it including my Easy Lemon "Perfect Fit" Protein Cookies and my Super Food Oatmeal Express just to name a few. One of the best on the market with hands down the cleanest ingredients you can get and does not taste like chalk!   Perfect Fit Protein If you want to know more check them out on Twitter, Instagram, and Face Book to join in on a wonderful community! To play along use the hashtags #toneitup and #tiuteam. Have you heard of the Tone It Up Girls? If so do share!   See you on your your next workout! Follow Moni on Face Book, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram (-to get a look of my everyday eats!)


Moni xx  
Love Monica Nelson

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  1. So awesome that you got to meet K & K! They are really amazing and they make me wish that I lived near the beach for sure!

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