Monica Nelson in SHAPE MAGAZINE: Valentine’s Day Edition!

Monica Nelson in SHAPE MAGAZINE: Valentine’s Day Edition!
  Wishing everyone a HAPPY LOVE DAY. You know me-I AM a big fan of Valentine's Day! Ask anyone. I always make hand written stationary, spoil just about anyone I can (husband, family/friends, clients, and even my English Bulldogs- Eddie and Emma!). Also, I always make a NEW Moni Meal treat such as this one (seen below): OH YEAAAA: HEALTHY Moni Cashew Cookie Chews! <--------- RECIPE HERE! (Tastes like Raw Cookie Dough)  
Healthy Cashew Cookie Chews
  Well, what really made this year even more special was the extra "SWEET" treat to find out that my adorable husband and I were featured as a couple at for a Valentine's Day Piece! The story was: TRUE Fitness Fairy Tales. Our piece was; "We Found Love In A Snowboarding Park!" True story too. Awww.

So here is the link- -----> Monica Nelson in SHAPE Check it out!

(We are on Page 10 if you are on mobile-fyi.) Pretty cool right? Especially for Valentine's Day. I am so blessed and lucky to have my guy. They even mention Eddie and Emma, but the funny thing is....that the story starts as this: "No one would describe Monica Nelson as shy..." Um-mm- yes they would. Have you met me?! Anyways, it totally makes me laugh. So I hope you all had a great LOVE Day shared with someone special (pets included!). MONI TIPS on all those left-over Sweets & Goodies:
  • You can always freeze all that left over candy, chocolates, girl scout cookies-in my case!
  • give some away, or
  • portion them out so you can monitor it all.
  • No need to be deprived, just be MINDFUL!
LOVE and LUNGES, Moni xx

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See You on Your Next Workout!
Love Monica Nelson

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