Hi Friends! I just thought I would share with you, that I am featured (again!) over at my favorite magazine

You can find me here: Moni for SHAPE.

  You know those moments that are just so awesome on so many levels?  Well, for me, this is one of them. They selected 10 women who inspire and prove how you can get and stay fit.  SHAPE has featured me before, as a fitness model. I demonstrated a series of some killer ab routines (some of my favorites too- I might add), so this is so exciting to be featured again.  *Also, some of you asked, and my shirt and sports bra that I am wearing in the above photo and as seen in the piece, are from my favorite clothing line- Lorna Jane Active.  Check them out if you have not heard the word yet!! If you happen to be on Instagram, than you will love this even more because the piece is for "10 Ways to Get Fit Using Instagram." Also, if you have not found ME on Instagram yet, what are you waiting for?  I post all my recipes, meals, fitness tips, workouts, and my everyday lifestyle- (Bulldogs included!)

I am found @monimealfitness and will see you there!

Here is a picture of me with SHAPE the first time: "Crunches Alone Won't Get You This Belly."  Very true! 😉  

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See You on Your Next Workout! Moni xx
Love Monica Nelson

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  1. This is awesome Moni! Congrats. I love the picture of you from your first time in Shape as well!!

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