“Lorna Jane Active Wear” to the Rescue!

“Lorna Jane Active Wear” to the Rescue!
  The last few weeks, the following is all I have heard from my own clients, workout friends, strangers, and neighbors... "Moni, I love your top! Where did you get that?" and... "Dang, girl your legs look great in those pants, who makes those? I want NEED a pair asap!"  So allow me explain.     So I first heard about Lorna Jane about 6 month's ago.  I however did not actually try out the clothes on myself, until this month.  I apparently was late to the party-which is not common for me when it comes to the "best"!  Well, not only is Lorna Jane the best in my opinion, (and I know workout clothes!) but LJ is also the leading active wear line in Australia.  The good news is, they are now here in the US and taking over!  In Los Angeles alone, there are 4 amazing stores and I nearly can't control myself from buying a piece every time that I walk-in one, (that is a good thing!). So as you all know,  I am a busy gal.  When I am not training with my client's, I am out in the city running around.  This includes going to fitness castings, back to my kitchen for Moni Meals cooking, heading out to events, working out, and trying to fit in outside time at the beach with my husband and dogs.  So what are ladies like us suppose to do?!  Enter Lorna Jane! workout arms (I love this top and sports bra above.  It is the "Velocity Excel Tank." This shows a perfect example of how I went from training my clients, to then working out myself- all while staying cute the whole time! These clothes are made so well too, that they remain dry almost the entire time from a "schweaty" workout! Plus, I have never had better sports bras-ever. My "fool-proof" secret is below.) So how nice would it be to wear a outfit in your day where you still remain cute and can achieve it all by feeling and looking fantastic?  Well, I have news for you  ladies...Lorna Jane is here to the rescue! (Thank goodness too, as I did know how many more days of my 3 daily wardrobes changes I could take!).

Dream It. Believe It. Achieve It.

  (The beautiful Ashleigh.  This girl will fix you right-up.  She also manages many of the L.A. stores. She and I hit it right off!  Read more below.) I was lucky enough to meet Ashleigh at the Santa Monica Lorna Jane.   Not only is she amazing at her job and fits outfits to YOUR body exactly, but she is also just a super happy, inspiring, fun, and an adorable Aussie babe . That is what also impresses me about this line;  ALL the employees.  Everyone one I have meet with the company so far is in love with what they do, has the passion for the company and the clothes, and are also apart of the LJ movement.  That is something you rarely see.   As I mentioned, their sports bras, tops, and pants are by far the best fitting, most functional, and attractive attire that I have experienced- and trust me, I know workout clothes, I live in them!

"Believe Anything is Possible!"

  What I also love and you will too, is there is a HUGE community attached to Lorna Jane.   (Lorna Jane FB Page alone has over 460,00 followers!) You will love their blog Move Nourish Believe Blog too. You will find as I mentioned, the LJ movement and community of ladies all over the world.  You can read up on workout tips, recipes, trends, and just meet some really wonderful people.

"Move.  Nourish. Believe."

  (Even My lil English Bulldog, "Emma-Lou" is part of the Lorna Jane Movement! "NEVER GIVE UP!") If there is not a Lorna Jane in your area, visit them on line here.  Also, make sure to follow Lorna Jane on Twitter, Facebook, and use #nowmoveit and #movenourishbelieve to join the community of amazing women full of inspiration, tips, and be apart of the LJ movement! So if you are looking to feel your best and look your best on your next workout or everyday look, check out Lorna Jane and let me know what you think! Another great post you may enjoy, about how awesome and functional Lorna Jane Attire is, comes from my friend Erin at Well in L.A.  Check it out! As always: EAT WELL. STAY FIT. FEEL GREAT! Moni xo  
Love Monica Nelson

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  1. Danger in the Lorna Jane store… their fall line has so many workout pieces that can also work as “night out” pieces. It sounds like an impossible feat in fashion design, but maybe that’s because we’ve become accustomed to the same boring cuts and predictability with our workout wear. I’m happy the Aussies are on the scene to shake it up!

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