How to Grow Broccoli Sprouts and Why You Should Try It!

How to Grow Broccoli Sprouts and Why You Should Try It!
  Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables around due to naturally occurring sulforaphane glucosinolate. But did you know that broccoli sprouts naturally have about 50 times or more sulforaphane potential than broccoli florets? They're also a good source of fiber among many other benefits that you'll soon learn.
So do I have your attention yet?
What about that growing broccoli sprouts is super affordable, easy to do, makes a delish topping and is one of the healthiest foods to have in your home? Okay good! I have your attention. Let’s learn why you want to hop on the broccoli sprouting wagon and never look back.

Why Not Just Eat Broccoli?

Cruciferous vegetables have many benefits when it comes to sulforaphane (the star in broccoli sprouts), a full grown broccoli really doesn't even pack a punch to these super-power sprouts. It is stated that 3-4 day old broccoli sprouts have up to 100x the amount of sulforaphane as mature broccoli! Note: when you cook broccoli you destroy sulforaphane so unless you plan on eating many pounds of raw broccoli (which very few tummies can handle) than you want to have these broccoli sprouts in your diet!

Four Reasons to Grow Your Own Sprouts Today


1. Healthy! Healthy! Healthy! Thanks to Sulforaphane.

Just know this. That broccoli sprouts equals  = Sulforaphane. Some benefits of sulforaphane include: supporting natural detoxification, boosts in brain health, benefits for the heart, and maintaining healthy  glutathione levels. So I hope seeing what these incredible sprouts can do for your health, really excites you!

2. They Are Ridiculously Easy To Make

Some veggies and other homemade versions of our favorite health foods can take a lot of time and work. I hear ya. The good news is that sprouting broccoli sprouts is not one of them! They could not be any easier and are quite fool-proof. You just can't mess this up... unless you never try them out of course.

3. They Are Super Affordable

As we know, not all healthy foods are always super affordable. Actually store-bought broccoli sprouts are up to 20 x more money than making your own. When you stick with a “do it yourself” routine making your own sprouts, you can average 10- 20 cents an ounce if you buy in bulk.

4. No Fancy Equipment Needed

I love adding this to my routine because there is no hassle. There are no gigantic containers on my counters or taking up of any space. With incredibly basic equipment (I really like NOW Real Food® Broccoli Seeds For Sprouting  and NOW Real Food® Sprouting Jar) you can get started with no delay. I also recommend a wide mouth mason jar for storage.  

Love these sprouting jars from NOW Foods!

Ready to eat in just days and quite possibly the healthiest thing you can add to your diet, what is not to love?
So let's get started!

Growing Instructions

  1. Place two tablespoons of Broccoli Seeds in a Sprouting Jar and cover with a few inches of filtered water. This is usually three times as much as the seeds. Put on sprouting lid and place jar in a light warm, dark place overnight or for 8-12 hours. I like to put in a cabinet.
  2. At least 8 hours later, drain off the water and rinse again with fresh, new water. Rest the mason jar upside down (gently so you do not break the tender shoots and kill the sprout) at an angle on a sprouting jar holder (optional) or inside a bowl so that any remaining water can drain. Continue to keep the jar in a slightly warm but mostly dark place at this time.
  3. Rinse the sprouts 2-3 times a day and place back on the sprout holder or bowl after each rinse. I suggest picking a time of the day that you will remember, so maybe at meal times.
  4. Keep up the rinsing and the dark place until you see sprouts about one inch long. Now at this point they can tolerate some indirect sunlight/low light exposure adding chlorophyll.
  5. You can now eat the seeds once you see some dark green leaves. This usually is 3-4 days after the seeds start to sprout. On average this entire process takes about a week. A hug tip is to start a new batch every 1-2 days (depending for how many people) so this way you have a constant supply!

How To Store The Sprouts

Wait at least 12 hours from the last rinse so all remaining moisture can drain off. Replace the sprouting lid with a regular mason jar lid or transfer to any airtight container. Place in the refrigerator and store for a few weeks. I recommend using them up as quickly as possible though to stay as fresh as possible.  

Learn More Bonus Tips

So as we’ve learned, these sprouts are already a super abundant source of sulforaphane. So this next tip goes out to all you science geeks (this girl!) and/or over achievers. So to get even more sulforaphane out of the sprouts, all you have to do is heat them up! I know, that sounds crazy (and very counter-intuitive) as we learned that when we cook broccoli we lose the sulforaphane. Here is a great video from Dr. Rhonda Patrick explaining exactly how to heat them up and then what takes place to why they become even more potent in sulforaphane. So there you have it. I sure hope you learned some things and are super motivated to try broccoli seeds out for yourself!
So have you heard of broccoli sprouts yet? Are you going to give it a try? Let me know!
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