How To Align Your Warrior II Pose, 7 Tips!

How To Align Your Warrior II Pose, 7 Tips!
While I love all warrior poses, I find that Warrior II Pose reminds us to stay centered yet to always be reaching toward our highest potential, while staying present in the moment. This is something I think we could all use daily! I've been practicing yoga since I moved to Los Angeles about 10 years ago. It's funny to think back on how I felt like the most stiff and tight person on the planet when I first started yoga. If that sounds familiar to anyone else, then you can relax. It's totally normal. I have some really great tips to share on how to get in the perfect alignment for Warrior II too. After all it is not the most simple pose - even though it can certainly look it. 

Warrior Pose

Here are my best tips 7 tips that have helped me and my clients really embrace the power of Warrior II Pose:

  1. Take a big breath in and reach the arms out to the sides until the fingertips are the same height as the shoulders.
  2. Exhale to bend the front knee. The knee should never pass the front toes. Ideally, the thigh becomes parallel to the ground—but this can take years to accomplish. The shinbone is in a completely straight line from ground to sky.
  3. Inhale to lengthen the back of the neck. Then, exhale and turn the head toward the front fingertips, and gaze just beyond them.
  4. Beginners tend to collapse the front knee inward, so try to remember to rotate that left thigh back. Use the quad muscle and the left glute to draw the front knee in line with the ankle.
  5. Press Down, Stretch Up, and Spread Out!
  6. Inhale and press into the feet equally, rising a little taller in the torso. Exhale and bring the shoulder blades down the back. On the next inhale, spread through the chest and collarbones. On the next exhale, again draw the shoulders down the back.
  7. Once we get comfortable in Warrior II, we can fine-tune the alignment by engaging the back adductor and groin to ground the back foot down. Press into the balls and heels of the feet to keep the arches lifted. Feel the base of the pelvis spread to further sink the body down without moving the knees.
You are now in a perfect Warrior II Pose! Now enjoy all your yoga poses with this sense of grounding... Yoga This asana is such a powerful stance. It makes us feel strong and confident. Standing with two strong legs has us extending to press against the ground, while simultaneously drawing energy from the earth up through the legs. You can really feel grounded once you hold this for 1-3 mins each leg. What about you, what's your favorite thing about warrior poses?    Follow Moni to connect on Face BookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram (-to get a look of my everyday eats!)


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