Best-Selling Author Libby Gill’s Book Signing & Moni!

Best-Selling Author Libby Gill’s Book Signing & Moni!

Hi from Libby Gill's Book Signing!

Wow. Not everyday you are featured in a book. Allow me to explain. Recently Libby Gill had a book signing in Santa Monica, C.A. Her 3rd NEW book: "Capture The Mindshare and The Market Share Will Follow" is so phenomenal from start to finish and loaded with so much useful information. I am so happy for you Libby! In this specific book you can learn the powerful techniques to:

  • articulate your authentic value in compelling brand promise;
  • confirm credibility to position yourself as the go-to authority in your field;
  • align your team's personal brands with the organizational vision; and
  • master strategies for creating long-term customer loyality.
Libby Gill Sounds good right? Libby Gill is an internationally respected executive coach, brand stategy expert, and bestselling author. I have known Libby (and trained her and her amazing boys) for about 5 years. Libby is in my opinion - hands down the best in her field, not to mention just a phenomenal woman and role model.

I will put it this way... when Libby Gill talks, I LISTEN.

What always blows my mind with Libby is that she helped launch Dr. Phil! I know right.
Libby Gill

Moni is excited to be in Libby's Book! Go Libby.

So how did I end up in her book?! Well, I have had the privilege with working with Libby on expanding my brand to include both my private training but also my healthy recipes found at Why I am so unique you see, is I do not teach deprivation in my style of cooking and baking or to my clients. (Yes, I cook with real butter and no fat-free chemicals in my kitchen!). I believe eating what you really what is okay if you are mindful and if you eat those decadent treats in moderation. My philosophy as you know - is stay active and nourish your body.  Eat Well, Stay Fit, Fell Great! I believe in: CHEMICALS OUT and HOMEMADE IN.  So being a trainer and health expert - I do not have my clients just eat chicken breast with broccoli for the rest of their lives (as some trainers do). I see this all the time. Example: Much of the time, when you are this stict for too long, you will end up packing on all the weight again and plus even more. Why? BECAUSE IT IS JUST NOT REALISTIC. There is a way to induldge and live a healthy lifestyle with balance. So with my passion for cooking and baking is how I created Moni Meals. To prove you can have balance and still eat delightfully. SO NOW ENTER LIBBY: We worked together on a way to have have my readers and clients follow my recipes knowing what they were eating in terms of health. This is why I have my amazing Moni Meter! So users know what they are eating rated from "delicious healthy to decadently indulgent." Remember I am a healthy foods chef with a sweet tooth so I still create decadent meals! Like Moni Quinoa Mac N Cheese and Moni Cupcake Brownies just to name a few out of my many recipes. Over 350 to be exact!
It is true, what can I say!

It is true, what can I say!

Libby was so kind to mention the success of Moni and Monica Nelson on a few pages. Libby writes...FROM "CAPTURE THE MINDSHARE AND THE MARKET SHARE WILL FOLLOW":

"Moni, as she is called by her family and friends, has built her reputation as a private chef and food blogger on her belief that as long as we eat nutritious food most of the time, we are not only entitled but obligated to have the occasional treat, since it keeps us from feeling deprived."

 Sounds about right!...

"She may be the only fitness trainer, in fact, who actually bakes her homemade cookies for her clients. "

Right again!!

Keep your eye out for Libby! She is a frequent media guest offering expert opinions on brand strategy and professional development on outlets such as the Today Show, Dr.Phil, CNN, NPR, Oprah & Friends Radio, and in Business Week, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and more. Impressive right! So check out (me!) and Libby Gill's new book! See you on your next workout! Follow Moni on Face Book, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram (-to get a look of my everyday eats!)


Moni xx
Love Monica Nelson

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