Baking It Up with Lorna Jane Clarkson & “Nourish” Cookbook Signing!

Baking It Up with Lorna Jane Clarkson & “Nourish” Cookbook Signing!
What a fun and very busy week! Last week I catered 4 events for Lorna Jane (talk about an arm workout!). There were LOTS of healthy treats involved, a very successful book signing event at the Santa Monica Store (line around the block!), and the best part is... (drum roll please) Lorna Jane Clarkson herself was there! I was so honored to be asked to cater all the events.

Here's the Recap...

As you know I am a proud Lorna Jane Ambassador and so touched to be so apart of such an amazing and inspiring brand as Lorna Jane. If you have not heard, recently Lorna Jane Clarkson released her new cookbook "Nourish." It’s packed with healthy and nourishing meals - very similar to my style of cooking and baking. It is so great (and very refreshing) to share a very similar philosophy and mission when it comes to nutrition. Lorna Jane was nice enough to send me one of the first copies and I dived right in. This is my hammock - also known as my "chill-laxin" (chill + relax) place. "Chill-laxin" on my hammock with a fresh new copy of Nourish. So as the passionate and pro baker that I am - I was thrilled when Lorna Jane asked me to cater all the weeks events for them! I whipped up some of my own recipes from Moni Meals along with many from the Nourish Cookbook. Let me just say that there was not one gift bag in sight! Each gift bag (made with only love of course) contained my Cashew Cookie Chew Balls and then I also made Cacao, Chia Seeds, and Hazelnut Protein Balls out of Nourish. People loved them and it was awesome.
I'm a baking machine.

I'm a baking machine.

Gosh, I love my job on job on top of training my amazing clients. 

Here are a few photos from the events all week.

This is so incredibly addictive . It is Tamari and Honey Roasted Nuts. Highly recommended out of the Nourish Cookbook.

These are so incredibly addictive. Tamari and Honey Roasted Nuts. Highly recommended!

DSC02204 DSC02185
Not one Moni Treat bag left in sight! Uh-huh.

Not one Moni Treat bag left in sight! Uh-huh.


The book signing turned out great. I was so excited when I got there. I saw this huge line around the block at the Santa Monica Place. Whoa! I love seeing how many people are touched and in love with the brand but also the move nourish believe philosophy that Lorna Jane stems from. Really though, everyone was so thrilled to get the chance to meet Lorna Jane Clarkson in person. On top of that, people we so ecstatic to also stock up on fresh new LJ activewear while they were in the store and they also heard the buzz about my yummy treats too! He-he. People were so great and would come up to me raving about the snacks and it was so rewarding to see.
Move. Nourish. Believe.

Move. Nourish. Believe.

I honestly meet so many wonderful people in line too that drove from all over to meet the inspiring Lorna Jane. That is what it is all about. Lots of Inspiration. I love how women are really coming together too! All in all it was such a fun and positive event from start to finish.
So one of my favorite people. Lorna Jane Clarkson you are amazing. What was truly amazing to see was how much time she spent with each person so excited to meet her. It was incredible!

So one of my favorite people. Lorna Jane Clarkson you are amazing. What was truly amazing to see was how much time she spent with each person. People were going nuts with excitement getting the chance to meet her.  It was incredible.

Always good to see my girl Zuzka Light!

Female Forces! Always good to see my girl Zuzka Light. We are both proud LJ Pros.


I don't think it gets any better than doing what you love, with a brand you are so proud to be apart of, for a person you admire very much... Oh and not to mention healthy, delicious, and homemade treats for all! What a dream it was.

  NOURISHI highly recommend the cookbook to all. If you are looking to eat healthier, get away from processed foods, and most importantly get away from dieting - then Nourish is for you. Amen!       Here is a sneak peak of only some of the AMAZING (very easy to make too) recipes you will find in the Nourish Cookbook. Who is coming over??

So what is your favorite cookbook right now?

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Love Monica Nelson

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