20 Minute Full-Body Band Workout

20 Minute Full-Body Band Workout
  I love sneaking in the resistance bands with my clients. This portable piece of equipment (perfect for travel too!) is also very effective like a set of dumbbells, because it improves strength and balance. You work in a full range of motion, so it targets muscles that you can miss with weights. Don't believe me? Then try out this very awesome and full body circuit! You will absolutely feel it the next day and perfect for when you want to "Tone on the Go!" I love using the bands when it is time to switch up my current routine or when I know a client wants a new challenge. Always make sure you always have enough resistance and move with control.   Fast Full Body Band Workout


Squat with Bicep Curl

Lateral Shuffle Squats

Crunch with Lat-Pull Down

Alt. Lunges with Chest- Press

Squat with Row


Do 15 Reps Each. Repeat 3-5 x !


Make sure to pack your bands on your next travel trip for a quick and efficient workout anytime and anywhere!

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  1. Liz says:

    This looks like an awesome workout! I’m going away in a few weeks and I’m looking for resistance band workouts to do.. Can’t wait to test this one out 🙂

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